Tevo bennet.read Zoom Vacuum Cleaner (HVC101) - Airflow regulator, Cyclonic airflow, Multi surface floor cleaning head, One touch to empty button, Large easy rolling wheels, automatic cord rewind button, Retail Box, 1 year warranty
Is it a bird... is it a plane? No it's Zoom! The (HVC101) bennet.read Zoom Vacuum Cleaner creation is convenient and easy-to-use and will have your home clean in no time. With specialised cyclonic separation, the bennett.read Zoom has a fantastic 4 stage filtration system that captures fine dust and particles. Zoom even comes with a 1 year guarantee. So now there's nothing stopping you from becoming a super-duper-dirt-buster! Why should you battle to 'clean' your vacuum cleaner? With the bennett.read Zoom, just use the one touch to empty button and voilà! Emptying your vacuum cleaner is simple! Equipped with a simple on/off button, large easy rolling wheels and an automatic cord rewind button the bennett.read Zoom is a breeze to use and a breath of fresh air in your home... mind the pun. No more fuss! Just use the Zoom multi surface cleaning head. It moves effortlessly from the carpet to hard floors, cleaning your home and eliminating the effort of changing your vacuum cleaner head. Now that's pretty smart!
• Airflow regulator
• Cyclonic airflow
• Post motor filter
• Multi surface floor cleaning head
• One touch to empty button
• Automatic cord rewind button 
• Large easy rolling wheels
• 1 year guarantee
• Dimensions: 27cm x 24cm x 29cm
• Weight: 5.3kg


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